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Colorini Tattoo Inks 15ml

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Colorini Waterproof Ink for temporary tattoos that last. Supplied in a glass bottle with a screw-top lid and brush. Use with our stencils or use freehand for a brushed-on authentic looking tattoo that can last for several days. Available in a variety of colours, white and UV, please email your requirement before placing your order and stock availability will be checked for you.

Please note that not all available colours are shown in the image.

Each 15ml Colorini bottle can produce anywhere between 100-140 tattoos!  The perfect ink for festivals, parties - or even trying out a design before being inked permanently!  Easily removed from skin with rubbing alcohol, or can be left to fade.

Product Code: COL15

Manufacturer: YBody

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

colorinis are fab

great for those who dont want glitter. these inks are opaque,easy to use, and so hardwearing the tattoo could last over a week with care. It may seem expensive but a bottle goes a very long way. Theres a good range of colours too, i especially like the uv inks.

amanda :: May 05 2010, 06:54 am

colorinis are great

I really like this product. It goes a long long way,its got its own little brush in the lid, it covers well and is quite hard wearing yet easily removed with alcohol. Some are dilutable. what more could you ask for?

amanda :: Mar 25 2010, 21:58 pm


I bought 2 bottles just as a trial, I have to say I absolutely fell in love with them! My 3 sons love them, they aren't allowed to wear them for school but that's fine because they come off easily with IPA if need be. Otherwise they will last about a week. They are also popular with Men who don't want anything permanent or who want to try a design in temporary before going for the real thing. Can't recommend them highly enough! Plus this seller is lovely, friendly and helpful. I will definitely be a lifelong customer. ;-)

Lipstick Lisa :: Mar 01 2010, 22:18 pm

Wow !!

This stuff is fantastic ..applies like a dream ..easy to create crisp lines and swirls The ink stays where you put it and does't run ..good colouration...and no nasty smell I have four colours to start with ..I will be back for more :O) > <br /> Customer service is fab ..thanks<br />

Michaela Smith :: Jan 29 2009, 23:26 pm

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