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60g Pick N Mix Large/Chunky BioGlitter dipping pots

£        21.50          

Product Description

Our handy 6 pot rack filled with 10g of large 040 or chunky 094 size BioGlitter in each of the 6 pots. A great way to try out some new colours without breaking the bank - and looks good on your festival glitter table! Why not add Glitzer Nude gel to your basket and prepare to get busy cheeky

Choose 6 colours from the large or chunky size range of BioGlitters - add a note on your order with your colour choices.

*Currently available: Large - Silver & Gold, Chunky - Silver, Gold, Turquoise & Dark Rose. 1 of each of these will be in your pots unless otherwise stipulated on your order.

Product Code: PickNMixChunkyBio6pack

Manufacturer: Bio-Glitter


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